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Art Inventory Project

Sign into ArtMoi

1. From the iPad Home Screen, touch the ArtMoi Studio icon: 

Home Screen screenshot


2. Sign in using the following credentials:

username: canlibinventory

password: 2001Main!

Add an Item

1. From the left column, select Creations and New Creation.

starting creation screenshot


3. Enter data for the item to the best of your ability (these can be edited after if needed). See below for additional details on completing the individual fields. Touch Save after entering as much data as possible.

  • Title: Enter title. If unknown, enter a brief description.
  • Creator: Search for and select the creator's name. If no name appears, see the section Adding a Creator to ArtMoi below.
  • Dimensions: If accessible, use a tape measure to measure object in [unit]. [Will see about adding a app for digital measurement of inaccessible items]
  • Date:
  • Medium [review options to see if any additional are needed]
  • Category: [review options to see if any additional are needed]
  • Caption: [needed?]
  • Location: Select location. If the item if the first for that location, select New Location. In the Display Name field, enter the two digit building code and room number that the item is located in. If the item is not in a specific room number, please use the building code and describe the area (example: OM first floor hallway).


4. Photograph the item

a. After the item is saved, additional options will become available. Touch Images.

Images tab screenshot


b. Touch Add Images.

Add Images button screenshot

c. Touch Browse.

Browse link screenshot


d. Touch Take Photo or Video and take the photo. Repeat twice so that you've taken three photos.

Take Photo or Video button screenshot


e. Touch Upload and then Save.

Adding a Creator

1.  Touch Creators and New Creator from the left column.

starting creator screenshot


2. Enter the following data (if available) and touch Save:

  • Display Name: Full creator name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Date


saving creator screenshot