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Copyright & Fair Use: Getting Permission

Information on Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom

Getting Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials

How do I ask for permission?
If your desired usage does not qualify under any of the Limitations & Exemptions, then you will need to ask for (and receive) permission from the copyright owner in order to use it legally. For more details, click Asking Permission


When in doubt, get permission or provide links and citations, not copies!


Please refer to the sections on Classroom and Online Education first to determine if you need to ask permission.

When the limitations & exemptions do not apply
If your desired use doesn't seem to be permitted under any of the limitations & exemptions -- or, if you are in doubt -- it is best to seek permission from the copyright holder. This is especially true when you are planning to digitize a work in order to deliver it from a website or learning management system like D2L. 

When asking for permission, you will need to write a letter to the copyright holder (often a Permissions Director or Editor). You can probably send your request through e-mail but, if not, a letter via the postal service or fax will work just as well. Be sure to get permission in writing. 

In your letter, be specific and spell-out exactly what you are asking for, including details like how many students will be in the class and the dates the material will be available to the students. (If you are delivering the material to your students using D2L, be sure to make the content inaccessible once that portion of the course is over.)