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Zotero: Installing Zotero

A guide for using Zotero, a free, browser-based citation manager

Where Do I Find Zotero?

Download Zotero from

Zotero and connector links

1. Download the Zotero application for your operating system. If you plan to use Zotero with a word processor, close all word processing applications before running the installer.

2. Whe installing the Zotero connector, the option you are given depends on which browser you are using to access the page. in the example above, I used Firefox to access the Zotero site, so it prompted me to install the Firefox connectors, but there are also connectors of Chrome and Safari. Use those browsers to access the Zotero page if you want to install their connectors. You can add as many connectors as you like--they will all connect to your Zotero application.