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SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology

This guide is designed to give Sociology 110 Students resources that will assist them with their research projects

Search Strategies

            What is the connection between income inequality and racism in inner city neighborhoods?

Describe various effects of climate change on indigenous peoples of the costal areas of Oceania.

Look for keywords throughout the description of a topic of in a thesis statement:

The health of rural America is failing, and a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without adequate replacement could prove disastrous. A December, 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that for the first time in 20 years, life expectancy in the United States has declined, particularly in small cities and rural areas, where people are dying at much higher rates. This shocking trend is driven in part by increasing mortality rates for white, working-class Americans, many of whom live in rural America.

Greenwood-Ericksen, Margaret, and Mahshid Abir. "Rural America, already hurting, could be most harmed by Trump’s promise to repeal        Obamacare, The Conversation, 18 Jan. 2017.

Try to think of different words that describe your topic.

      smoking = cigarettes, nicotine
      depression = depressed, mental health
      teens = teenagers, adolescents, youth

      poverty = income inequality, poor, impoverished
      therapy = treatment, rehabilitation
      developmental delays = developmental milestones, physical development, a specific developmental delay such as  

            communication or gross motor skills

Sometimes you may choose a topic that little has been written about. Try to think of a broader term that encompasses your topic. The more general the search, the more likely you are to retrieve additional records.

Broad = bodies of water         Narrow = ponds

When you enter a long phrase, some databases interpret this as if you were asking that all the words must appear in that exact order. Break up your keywords using the word ‘AND

                 smoking and depression and teens

                animals and therapy and children

Putting “quotes” around your search words tells the database that you are looking for that exact phrase.

"income inequality"    "civil rights"

Search for all alternate endings of a word. Type the root of the word and then an asterisk*