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Education assignments: Common Education Assignments

Common Education assignments

Award Winners

The library does not own every book on these lists.  Books that have won the Caldecott, Newbery and Coretta Scott King awards have been tagged in the catalog with the award won.  To check availability, search the library catalog for the book title.  If you wish to see all the books the library owns that won a particular award, search for the name of the award.

Books on Disabilities

To search for books about disabilities you may try a few different ways.  You could type the term disabilities in the library catalog and limit to Curriculum Center.  You could also type in the name of a specific disability and limit to the Curriculum Center.   Remember if the disability has an acronym, try both the acronym and the full name, for example, ADHD and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Curriculum Guides

Do you need to create a curriculum lab guide for your class and have no idea where to start?  Here are two examples of what students in prior EDY310 classes have done.


To search for specific genres try using the genre as a keyword, such as poetry or mysteries.  You may also want to search for events of persons if looking for historical fiction or biographies.

Life Skills (SPE311/312)

The Currriculum Center has many items that will assist you in the planning and implementation of life skills lessons and unit plans.

Try searching the library catalog with these terms:

Developmental Disabilities High interest-low vocabulary Life skills
Social skills Shopping Educational toys
Cooking Hygiene Basic education
Restaurant Cafeteria Safety

Remember to limit the location to the Curriculum Center.  The Curriculum Center also has many games and kits that can be used for this assignment.  To get a list of the games and kits that are available, limit the location to curriculum center, limit the material type to toy/game and type * into the search box.

Leveled Reading

How do you find the reading level of a particular book?  How do you find books for a particular reading level?  The best way...look at the resources available to you.  There are websites that you can search that will give you titles of books that are a particular reading level. The library has some books that have discuss leveled reading and have book lists that you can use. 

Mathematics in Fiction

Need children's fiction books about mathematics? Try searching the library catalog for mathematics fiction and limit to the curriculum center. 

Multicultural Authors

To search for multicultural works of fiction try keywords such as Korean Americans fiction, Japanese Americans fiction or the name of the group  with the word fiction.  Another way to find multicultural works is to browse the fiction collection (PZ7) for the last name of authors.  Look for names that are culturally different from your own.

Do you need to create a lesson based on the Common Core?  First check out what the core is about:

A literature search is a detailed and organized, step by step search for all the material available on a topic.

Here are some websites that describe a literature search: