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Faculty Resources

A guide of library and information literacy resources for Canisius faculty & staff.

Using Choice Online

CHOICE Reviews Online is an authoritative index of reviews of academic books and electronic resources. The library uses CHOICE Reviews to aid faculty in being part of the collection development process for their discipline as they can suggest items for purchase. The online version of CHOICE Reviews replaces the print CHOICE cards that we used to send to departments each month.

Register for a profile so you can save reviews to a list, save searches or create alerts to be sent to you when items are reviewed within your areas of interest.

Advantages of CHOICE Online

  • Create your own profile, save searches, compile and save lists, and create alerts to be notified of each new issues.
  • Select titles and email requests directly to your liaison or to colleagues.
  • My Monthly Reviews allows you to see the CHOICE reviews for subject areas you have placed in your profile.
  • Web exclusives include: faculty picks (lists 5 essential titles), editors picks (highlights a wide-ranging group of titles from that issue) and hot topics (selected reviews of current interest topics).

Need more assistance?

Create an Account and Log in

As a current subscriber, your institution is already activated by means of its IP range. In order to take advantage of the many features of Choice Reviews, however, you will want to create an individual account associated with that of your institution.

If you are currently connected to your institution's network, from the navigation bar simply click Login.

menu bar location for create account link

Click the Create Account screen and enter the requested information to create a username and password for your account.

login form

Using your login credentials (username and password) you may now access Choice Reviews from any device connected to the Internet, either in or outside of your institution's network. Choice Review's responsive design makes it usable from tablets and phones as well as your computer.

Alternatively, you may ask your systems administrator to create an account for you.

Once you are logged in, the navigation bar will change to show your account username.

menu bar location for create account link Manage your account using the links under [Username] > My Info

Simple Search

Type a word into the simple search box at the top right of the navigation bar

menu bar search field location When you enter multiple words, the default operator is OR, so if you are searching for an exact phrase or multiword combination, use quotation marks around the search terms: "cellular structure" "Richard III"

Saved searches

Run a Saved Search

You can run the searches you have saved by clicking on Lists > My Lists > My Saved Searches & Alerts. When your saved searches are displayed, simply click on a search name to run the search again.

Create an Alert

Saved searches can be programmed to run at regular intervals and to alert you to new additions to the search results. Click on Lists > My Lists > My Saved Searches & Alerts; choose the saved search for which you wish to create an alert; then select an interval (once a week, once a month) from the drop-down menu. An email will be sent to you when new items appear in your search results.

Search Results

The search results page displays results in either abbreviated (bibliographic data only) or expanded form. The abbreviated form is the default, but you can display results in expanded form by clicking the Expand All box at the head of the search results list. To open an abbreviated review, click "Show More." To view a review on a page all its own, click on the title of the work.

Ordering Search Results

Search results may be ordered using the drop-down menus at the head of the search results list. You can also specify the number of results displayed on each page.

sorting menus for search To help you quickly find reviews of the most recently published works, the default sort order is Most Recent Reviews. When currency is not an issue, Most Relevant is often a desirable strategy.

Create a List

If you wish to create a list of search results, indicate the titles you wish to include in your list by clicking the checkboxes at the upper left of each review, then click the "Create a New List" Create list icon icon at the head of the search results. You will be asked to name your list.

Lists are limited to 200 titles.


Add to an Existing List

To add a work to an existing list, click the checkbox at the upper left of the review, then click the "Add to List" icon Save to list icon at the head of the search results.


View and Edit a list

To view a list you have saved, click on the Lists drop-down on the navigation bar to open it.

lists menu

To edit, share, download, or print your list, click the gear icon associated with that list

menu bar location for create account link

Share Your List with Others

From the Lists menu, you can choose who sees your list by using the "Manage Users" option on the gear icon for the list you wish to share. Only individuals shown on the users list can be invited to receive your cardstack. If you are an account administrator and you wish to share your list with someone who is not yet a user, you first need to create an account for that person. Click here to find out how. After your colleague has created a password on that account, he or she can view your list.

If you are not an account administrator, please ask someone who is to create the account for you.

share list menu item

Group Your Lists

As your lists proliferate, you may want to group them by topic, users, date, and so forth for ease of discovery. To create a group, from the Lists > My Lists > Groups menu, click "Create a New Group." After you have created a group, navigate to Lists > My Lists > Lists, select the list(s) you wish to include in a group, and click "Add List to Group" on the gear icon.

After you add a list to a group, the list name will no longer appear in Lists.

Export a List to Excel

From the Lists menu, click on the gear icon for the list you wish to download, then choose "Download List."

Should the ISBN appear in scientific notation (!), right click on the cell in which it appears; choose Number format, then reduce the numbers to the right of the decimal to zero.